Saturday, 25 August 2007

Baby kit: Stitches

I love stitches and was practicing to create those. These are my first ones and of course the shape is heart. With baby layouts the heart is very useful element ;o)

This was all for today. I have to go to out with my girls, we're planning to have a picnic in the playground near our house. I just wish it won't start raining, sky is looking so gray.

Best Regards

Baby kit: Pearls

I have already used some of these pearls with the pearly shapes and decided to share these with you. I think everyone has a moment, when a one pearl is needed in the layout :o)

Best Regards

Baby kit: Frames

How can a life be so busy?
Days are going way too fast, only 4 moths and I have to return to business life :o(
My baby is already 4 months old and very energetic.

I have created some new stuff for my blog, but haven't had time to publish those until now. I hope you enjoy. This was just a small rehearsal for creating frames, simple ones. I have 2 yellow version in the zip file, because I wasn't sure was the first one too bright.
Best Regards

Monday, 13 August 2007

Baby kit: Shapes with pearls

Learned new thing with Paint Shop Pro and here are the results.
I created 5 pearls in my Baby kit colors and used them with different shapes.
It is so great to learn new stuff while creating new parts to this kit.
I have a feeling that this is going to be a huge kit when it will be ready - some day ;o)


Baby kit: Eyelets

Eyelets in 6 colors. Hope you enjoy.
Best Regards