Friday, 23 May 2008

Correct files for 2 corrupted Baby kit parts

I really appreciate that person who informed me that 2 files of my Baby kit seems to be corrupted.
Baby Boy papers and Baby pearls.
Here are new links to those:

BR JohannaL

Add-On to Digitreats RUN ABC kit

Hi all,
Pamela from Digitreats is an amazing designer, who is sharing her Skip, Run and Jump kits with us. Here is link to her blog:

Several designers have fallen love to the colors she is using and created add-ons to those kits. All links can be found from her blog.

I have another add-on to her kits, this time for Run ABC.
I would love to see your LO's created with these kits, please send your gallery links or leave links to comments.

BR JohannaL

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


2 of my girls are born very close to each other, Alina 13th of April and Selma 18th of April.
We had a huge birthday celebration with our family and friends. And the theme of the Birthday was: DINOSAURUS!
Yes, my 4 year old just loves dinosaurus, crocodiles, spiders... all scary stuff.
Her cake was a head of a T-Rex. All the decoration was about dinos. There were toy dinos all over the table, green fabric was "grass" and stones were "rocks".

Selma is still so young, that she didn't have any special requests about the decoration ;o)
So She had a cake with number 1.

BR JohannaL

Paper: rainbowkittys_skipmulberry copy.jpg
Frame: AWP_PeachFrame.jpg
Swirl: AWP_SwirlRubOn.png
B letter: digitreats_skip_b_floral.jpg
Font: Kunstler Script
Flowers: digitreats_skip_flwr_3.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_5.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_4.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_22.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_1.jpg

Friday, 9 May 2008

Add-On to Digitreats SKIP ABC kit

There is one amazing designer, who is sharing her talent with us: Pamela from Digitreats.
Here is link to her blog:

She has three kits, Skip, Run and Jump, which are getting new items all the time.
Other designers have created add-ons to these kits and finally I also got enough courage to do same. Here are my creations with her SKIP ABC colors.
I have sent an email to her pictures and hopefully she will like my creation.

BR JohannaL

Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Now it happened to me!

My Baby kit stuff was used in one of the monthly mega kit.
After having an interesting conversation about the site owners + creator, her kit is now removed from the site!

So if you see this kit used somewhere, Please inform me by leaving a comment or sending an email:

I having a hard time because of this. It feels like my baby was stolen :o(
Creator said she downloaded it from rapidshare without my TOU.

The kit was up there several days and I'm afraid that it was downloaded many times. So if you happen to notice specially my Teddy Bears used somewhere and credits given to someone else, please inform me!!!!

I'M SO MAD!!!!

BR JohannaL