Friday, 30 January 2009

Kit: Your Special Day


Today is my oldest daughter 7th birthday. I can't believe how fast years have gone by. It feels like she was just born and now she is already 7. Before I realize she will be a teenager! Huh!
Here is the photo, which we sent to our local news paper.
And guess what is the theme of her Birthday Party?
Princess Skull!!!!
It really took some time to adjust to this theme, where did all princess and fairy stuff disappeared? And it really wasn't easy to find some stuff for the party. Those skulls are not so popular here in Finland. So we just had to be creative and do most of the stuff by ourselves, now we have house full of all kind of skeleton stuff :o)
And about invitation, she wanted to have picture where she is inside the mouth of the princess skull. I have to admit that it was the most hilarious photoshooting ever, when we were trying to take a picture for invitation. She was making so funny faces that I just couldn't stop laughing and most of the photos were out of focus because I couldn't stand still.

My new freebie kit: Your Special Day, is created specially for her. She loves bright colors and she is such a lively and outgoing person. It is mainly containing all kind of number stuff because of the birthday theme. I hope you like it.

And don't worry, those missing templates will be published soon. I just haven't had time to finish those yet.

Happy Scrappin'

Download: Your Special Day Numbers 1

Valarie's CT Call

Saturday, 3 January 2009

Layouts with Valarie Ostrom Desings kits


Wow, it is year 2009 already. I really cannot believe it, where did year 2008 disappeared?
I have suddenly noticed that time goes by REALLY quickly, specially since I got my children. It feels like Meeri was born just couple of weeks ago and now she is going to have her 7th birthday already this month. Scary.... because all of this means that soon I'm going to have my own birthday ~ and I'm going to be 40!!!!

Well, enough rambling... I have lot of things to show to you. I have spend some great moments with Valarie Ostrom's kits. I belong to her CT, remember ;o)
I'm really happy with these LO's, specially the one I did to Roni, our godson. I totally love the alpha&numbers Valarie has created for the kit.
All these kits are available at Color Line Design. The shop is having a makeover, so the site is still down, but should be up and running within couple of days. But meanwhile enjoy and start making your own shopping list.

Happy Scrappin and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!!!

LO: Roni's 10th birthday

Our godson Roni had his 10th birthday last July.
He is a huge fan of Disney Cars movie, so we gave him the DVD and several small cars - all gift wrapped individually.

He is very dear to us and he was born at the same year we got married.
His mom (my best friend) was my maid of Honour and very heavily pregnant on our wedding day at April.

Credits: December Collab kit part by Valarie Ostrom Designs, available at

LO: My new smile

Meeri lost another teeth at 10th of September and of course I had to memorize her new smile with my camera.
I really had fun with those staples, it felt similar as in real life. LOL

Credits: All from Valarie Ostrom Designs, available at
Paper strips from paperback Whatever
Background paper from paperback Acres
Glacier Alpha
Hanger Forest