Friday, 27 June 2008

Add-On to Digitreats SKIP ABC kit

Hi all,
Another add-on to Skip ABC kit, originally created by Pamela from Digitreats. I think almost everyone already knows about her great kits, but if you don't then hurry hurry go to her blog to check her amazing work. Here is link to her blog:

Several designers have fallen love to the colors she is using and created add-ons to those kits. And so have I. LOL.
I bought several months ago couple of great plug-ins from The Alien Skin. I have mostly used only couple of cool effects, but one day I decided to play around little bit more with them - and these are the results. Add-on contains mosaic papers and some new elements.

I have almost done teddy bears with Jump kit colors, but not quite finished yet. So all of you who have been waiting for them, they are on their way.

I would love to see your LO's created with these kits, please send your gallery links or leave links to comments or email those to me:

BR JohannaL

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Polar Bears in Finland!

Yes, we do have them... but only in the one zoo. LOL.
They are living in the Ranua Zoo, Lapland, Finland. Ranua Zoo

Our family spent last week touring around the Lapland, northern part of Finland. I'll tell our trip story later with pictures, now it is already so late here, that I have to go to get some sleep.

Selma is having a fever (40 degree in Celsius, 104 in Farenheit) and she has been a Miss Cranky whole day. And she is not sleeping well, waking up crying now and then. We gave some medicine for her to help her condition, so hopefully she is able to sleep better. Sleeping is healing!
It is nothing serious, only a pox babies are getting with high fever lasting 3 days and then there will be a spotty red rash all over for 1-2 days.
The name of the pox in English is roseola infantum. Wikipedia info
It took me a while to find it with Google, I only knew the Finnish name :o)

BR JohannaL

Digitreats ABC Kits:
Jump ABC add-on Animal track paper&sign: Audra's Little Scraps
Font: Eras Light ITC

Thursday, 12 June 2008

CHARITY KIT to benefit Shriner's Children's Hospital in Chicago

Anne from Creative Dreams is collecting designers to participate to a Charity Kit. Idea is to make a collaboration kit to raise money for Shriners Hospital in Chicago.

Please go to her blog and read more about Anne and her wonderful daughter.

The kit has a Tropical Fish theme and it was named Ocean Friends by her daughter.
Here is the color palette, which is used:

Charity work has always been close to my heart and I wanted to take a part of this amazing idea. I emailed my creations to Anne and she accepted those. So I'm now officially taking part of that mega kit and I'm so happy that I can help this hospital even that it is located in different continent.

Scrapbooking is really connecting the world.