Sunday, 30 March 2008

Baby kit: Bows

Special thanks to The Ephemeral Victorian blog.

And thank you all of your kind words you have left to comments.
Deep down I know that my kids won't forget me, but it still hurts to be away from them two weeks. Selma is developing so fast that during the 2 weeks she has grown a much.
Meeri and Alina are already exited about my trip. We have checked the cities Delhi, Agra and Bangalore via Internet, so they know where I'm going. And they also know that I'm bringing some stuff for them when I return :o)
I will post my photos from my trip to here when I return. I don't have time for blogging during the trip, we will be working long days, so that we can keep the project time schedule. But I sure will get inspirations for creation work from the colorful atmosphere of India.

This week I found new amazing, fabulous blog:

They are offering stuff for freebie designers. Unfortunately they are now closing their blog because of the wrong usage of their graphics. That is so sad, why some people are so mean that they don't respect others hard work. They are destroying all good things from others.

I played with their stuff and managed to create bows for my Baby kit.

BR JohannaL

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Baby kit: Glitter papers

Glitter paper - my Baby kit
Bow - The Ephemeral Victorian
Notepaper - Lauren Grier

My youngest daughter Selma is learning by watching how her bigger sisters are brushing their teeths.
It is amazing how fast time flies. It feels like she was born yesterday and now she is already almost a 1 year old. I do miss the baby times, but it is also great to watch how she is growing and developing every day. She is calling me Mommy! Her first (and only) word.

I have to go to business trip to India next week and I'm staying there 2 weeks. I'm so worried how it will affect to her, will she forget me? I will also miss her 1st birthday and Alina's 4th birthday because of the trip. Timing for this trip couldn't be worst.
But I'm also waiting for it... because I haven't been in India before and I love to see different countries. Oh, this is not easy, it feels like I'm torn in two parts.

I was playing with glitters and managed to create new papers to my Baby kit.
Hope you like these and I would LOVE to see your creations done with my kit.
BR JohannaL

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Easter 2008 LO

Easter stuff and papers - Agnieszka's Easter kit from 2007
Stitches - Nisha Morton

I'm still here even that I haven't been able to add any freebies lately.
My maternity leave ended and I'm back to work. I hope that I will find time to do some creation work also, but at the moment it seems to be difficult to try to find time just for myself and my stuff :o)
My work requires travelling and I just spent a week in London, UK. Next friday I'm flying to India for 2 weeks. Being away from my family is really hard, but I also love seeing new places.

I hope that next time I have something to share with you, till then...

BR JohannaL