Wednesday, 14 May 2008


2 of my girls are born very close to each other, Alina 13th of April and Selma 18th of April.
We had a huge birthday celebration with our family and friends. And the theme of the Birthday was: DINOSAURUS!
Yes, my 4 year old just loves dinosaurus, crocodiles, spiders... all scary stuff.
Her cake was a head of a T-Rex. All the decoration was about dinos. There were toy dinos all over the table, green fabric was "grass" and stones were "rocks".

Selma is still so young, that she didn't have any special requests about the decoration ;o)
So She had a cake with number 1.

BR JohannaL

Paper: rainbowkittys_skipmulberry copy.jpg
Frame: AWP_PeachFrame.jpg
Swirl: AWP_SwirlRubOn.png
B letter: digitreats_skip_b_floral.jpg
Font: Kunstler Script
Flowers: digitreats_skip_flwr_3.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_5.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_4.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_22.jpg, digitreats_skip_flwr_1.jpg

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LouCeeCreations said...

Very pretty lo, I love the floral B.
Your teddys in the last post are pretty cute too!
thanks for stopping by my blog