Friday, 13 July 2007

Selma 1 month old

I wanted to try my Baby kit with my youngest daughter Selma.
I haven't been able to scrap in several days, because my oldest daughter were sick.
She got very high fever, 39,8 C. Now she is back in her feet again and I have finally some own time.
More parts from Baby kit coming...
Best Regards


grambie said...

Selma is so precious and beautiful at age one month. Look at those bright eyes as they gaze upon her new world. Love the combination of colors with the bright yellow and the silver embellished paper clip. The ribbon cluster just adds that extra pop. Leavin LUV! XOXOXO!

Monica Inspired said...

What a darling, beautiful baby your baby daughter is. She looks very bright and intelligent! Congratulations on having such adorable children. Hugs. Mo